Honk! Costumes...

A message from Ben Williams - please read carefully!


Farmyard Bird

Everyone is a farmyard bird unless you are a main character throughout the show. If you are not that character in ‘A Poultry Tale then you must be a farmyard bird, so here goes:

it’s whatever you want to be (within reason) and the costume is down to you and the school will provide comedy beaks for everyone.

Some ideas:

Pheasant, hunting gear
Chicks, yellow and fluffy bangles and stuff,
Cockerels, in red,
Chickens in brown,
Ducks in green and yellow or brown,
There is a lot of scope for this so be what you want however no swans and don’t go and hire a large chicken costume; it only needs to hint that you are a bird!
Remember you need to dance in it!

Geese (except Graylag (you know what you are doing))

Some form of army jumper to be provided by the school, and is t.b.c
Trousers, t.b.c
And walking/ marching boots, (borrow some off of a friend in the cadet force!?)
Beaks from the school.

Froglets (not bull frog (you know what you are doing!))

Green t-shirt you need to get
Green shorts you need to get
Green leggings (optional) you may want to get
Green hat from school and green legwarmers likewise
Footwear t.b.c (I guess some form of dance shoe but I will try to check)


Leggings in either yellow/orange, from school
Tutu in either yellow or orange, from school
Baseball cap from school
Legwarmers in either yellow or orange from school
Footwear t.b.c (dance shoe?)
You to provide a yellow/ orange sleeveless top

TV crew (camera woman and floor manager)
All black
Headpieces from school

Jack Daw
White t-shirt
Leather jacket

Girl, Boy, Farmer and old woman
Boy- cricket whites you to provide
Girl- white t-shirt and jeans you to provide
Old woman- school costume and something on your head – you to provide
Farmer- you are to provide a costume including a straw/flat cap

Swans (not ugly)
Mother- from school- ballet shoes
Penny- from school- ballet shoes
Father – white shirt and black trousers (not school ones), polished black shoes (tart up your school ones)

Ida, Maureen and Henrietta
Ida- you're providing dress, school apron and feathers in hair
Maureen- you are providing a costume
Henrietta – smart black with school accessories

Queenie, Lowbutt, Grace and Turkey
Queenie- you are to decide/provide
Lowbut- see miss shepherd a.s.a.p
Grace – school dress, Mrs Rowlands has found you a mayor’s chain from somewhere, tiara/crown ask Yolanda
Turkey- see miss shepherd a.s.a.p to confirm the school costume

Ugly, Drake, Cat
Ugly- you decide and provide
Drake school shirt and you provide jeans and converse
Cat- you to decide and provide

Ok, so that’s that!
If your part is not on here email me or see miss shepherd at school.
Remember that you need to dance in your costume.
Make sure that your costume does not look like any of the above mentioned, other than the farmyard birds.

Have a good line learning half term,


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