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Year 7 French 22nd June

Arts Award Evening

As part of their Silver Arts Award, some of our Year 9 students are putting on a evening of photography, interior design and music. The event is running on Tuesday 21st June at 6.30pm in the Sixth Form Centre. The evening will begin with an opportunity to have look around some of the students’ work, as well as getting to know the students and their passions.  There will be a display of Arts Award portfolios from both last year and this year at Bronze and Silver levels.  This will be followed by a short musical recital by students from Years 7-9. 
Entrance is free, but there will be a collection which the students would like to be for future Arts Award students who are not able to afford their moderation fee.
We hope to see you there!

Google Classroom/Apps Help Session

You need to click here.

Soundation: Year 8


Once you are logged in...

1. Get a username and password slip from your teacher.

2. Click here to access the software.

3. Select your username from the drop-down menu, and enter your password. You must always use this username.

4. Have a play with the software.

Try to use loops that match, and work together.

Remember, there are two types of track in Soundation:

Audio tracks, used to play pre-made loops, that you drag and drop from the right hand side. They look like this:

To create your own music, use the note tracks. Double-click in the space to the right of the track to bring up a keyboard. Use the pen to add your own notes. These tracks look like this:

We will go through more features of Soundation as the lessons progress.

Save your work regularly. Lots of people will use the same account, so name your work clearly.

Junior Music Ensemble: Arts Award Evening

This post is for members of the Junior Music Ensemble. Please read and digest.

Here is the information for everyone taking part in junior music ensemble for the arts award evening:
Please come to the music block at about 5:30pm Mini orchestra will rehearse for about 10 minutes and mini choir will rehearse for about 30 minutes If you have a rehearsal slot for a solo please come at assigned time, (if you would like to do a solo and haven’t been given a rehearsal time, please see Matika or Sian). Please wear school uniform.
The evening will start at 6:30 on 21st June, the visual arts gallery will start and the concert will start around 7:00, the evening will end around 7:30-8:00.
It's going to be fab! Let's do it :) 
Matika and Sian

Arts Award Review: Fionnuala Cassidy

Fionnuala went to see Chess at the Hinckley Concordia Theatre.

Please read if you attend Male Voice Choir

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to run Male Voice Choir this half term.

You've all worked really hard this term, and performed in three fantastic concerts - so well done all of you.

This means MVC won't be performing in the Summer Concert, which is a shame.

If you want to sing in the Summer Concert, you just need to join choir, which runs on a Friday lunchtime.

We will start again in the Autumn term, with an all-new, exciting ensemble.

Thanks guys,

Mr Guinane

Arts Award Review: Caius Datt

On the 10thof February, the 16thSt Albans scout troop went to the Alban arena to see the renowned gang show. I loved singing along to all the songs, watching Luke in all his numbers, and I really enjoyed watching the fantastic show with my friends. I would recommend this to anyone really. It is perfect to enjoy with your family or friends and everything is perfectly relatable with chances for a singalong too! The acting was excellent, the dancing was fab and the singing was amazing! Although the show was fantastic there were a few things that could have been improved. I loved the idea of having themes however each theme went on for a bit too long and became a bit repetitive, however there could’ve been more of a variety of acting and singing. But overall, it was a fantastic show and I recommend it to all!

Year 9/10 - Three Note Recordings for your homework

Well done everyone, we always love meeting our new GCSE classes.

Here is a link to a folder of your recordings, to help with your homework, due Monday.

Here is the document outlining the content for each of the four paragraphs.

Here is a link to our Twitter account.

Here is a link to our book.

Thanks guys,

Guinane and Doan

Arts Award Review: Tom Flury

For my part B (be the audience) I went to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and looked at the paintings. My mum and I got the train into London and then got a bus from Liverpool Street Station to Trafalgar Square. We then stopped to look at the performers in the Square, who included buskers and those people who ‘float’, then we went into the National Gallery. We went into the shop near the entrance and chose a postcard of the picture I most wanted to see. We then went through the gallery’s in chronological order, starting from the oldest paintings and working our way through time to the newest paintings. We could see how the style of painting changed through time, from quite unrealistic older pictures, to the very true to life in the Renaissance period, through to the Impressionists in the newer galleries, where my chosen picture was located. We looked at all the paintings but particularly we were looking for the one on the postcard which was 'La Ferte‎‎‎'. It was paint…

Arts Award Review: Luke Nixon

I went to see Chelmsford Gangshow 2016 at the Civic Theatre on the 30th April 2016. I really enjoyed the overall show as the creation aspect and design of the set, costumes and theme worked really well. The items which were thought up by the cast and crew were really clever and some were original but others were exact copies of musicals such as Oliver Twist and Mary Poppins. Most of the sketches were very clever and innovative and I especially enjoyed the "Swimmers" sketch which involved a group of young boys pretending to dive and backflip. The concept and the production of this were very good. The cast was indeed as good as the show. Singing overall was outstanding and the dance aspect was quite good in some places. The stage presence of the performers was not quite there. A lot of the cast seemed to have their thoughts elsewhere which really let the show down. However, the show overall was very good and I would probably recommend it for young children/preteens but no olde…

Arts Award Review: Charlie Bolam

On Sunday the 14th of February, I visited Museum Square, Amsterdam, Holland. When I was there I visited The Van Gogh museum and The Reiksmuseum. Overall the experience was interesting and delved deeper into the mental health of Van Gogh. Also, it gave me insight into the world of the Dutch masters.

Arts Award Review: Olivia Brass

Review on the Alban Arena show- The Tap Factory
What did I experience as an audience member?
I went to see the Tap Factory at The Alban Arena on the 19th of April with my mum. This was a dance show with tap, drumming, acrobatics, lighting, humour, and hip-hop dance; it had everything! This show was a lot better than I thought it would be! After reading the description of the show, I didn’t expect it to be amazing, but I really enjoyed every aspect of it. Most of the show was tap dance; they danced on metal bins, ladders, benches, and even sand! The humour in the show had me and my mum in stitches from start to end!
What did I like best and why?
Even though the tap was the main focus of the show, and I really enjoyed it, my favourite was the gymnastics and breakdancer. He had a solo which I absolutely loved! He was flipping and cart wheeling over a curved bench, that rolled from side to side. He had so much power in his movements but he was graceful at the same time. He incorporated spins …