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AS Homework: Friday 30th January 2009

The following essay is due in on Friday 6th February 2009:

Outline the circumstances surrounding the composition and performance of Mozart’s Concerto for clarinet and orchestra. (20 marks)
What should you include?
· When and where the concerto was composed;
· on what sort of occasion it was first performed;
· the nature of the instrument and the performer for whom the concerto was written.
To get into the top brackets, you should include in your answer:
· The nature of Viennese musical life and Mozart’s status within this;
· the novelty of the clarinet as an orchestral and/or solo instrument;
· Mozart’s enthusiasm for the instrument.
Use the handouts I gave you, along with the information you have gained about Anton Stadler etc. Don't forget, it's all about supporting your answer with detailed examples. This means you might actually have to do some....WIDER READING!! Please avoid using Wikipedia as your main source of information - use the online Grove Dictionary of Music (link on the …

"I wasn't here so I don't know what the homework was..."

Inspired by something I saw on the Verulam English Lit Blog, Year 12 homework will now be posted here so that you have NO excuse not to do the work. If you need electronic copies of handouts, I will be able to email the majority of these to you, but only if you email and ask! So, here we go:

Set: Friday 23rd January. Due: Tuesday 27th January
Go to the previous posting and listen to the broadcast with Charles Hazlewood and Emma Johnson, listen to it and answer the questions on the handout given in the lesson.

Set: Tuesday 27th January. Due: Friday 30th January
Harmony: P43, exercises 3e) and f).

Set: Tuesday 27th January. Due Tuesday 3rd February
All sheet music for Sections A and C MUST be brought to the lesson. Options may be considered but uncertainties at this stage are unacceptable.

Time is short so you MUST be organised!

Mozart Clarinet Concerto

For those of you studying AS Music, this is a perfect accompaniment to your studies. Click here to listen to a Radio 3 broadcast, where Charles Hazlewood conducts Emma Johnson and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in an exploration of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto. There is some basic analysis and some interesting facts about the basset clarinet and Anton Stadler, the composer for whom the concerto was written. You can download the sound file and save it, which is a bonus!

Beaumont School Honk! Cast

Our decisions so far are (in order of appearance):

Drake (Ugly’s father) - Yannick Mayaud
Turkey (Headmaster) - Ben Rodell
Henrietta (Ida’s friend) - Amy Hazlehurst
Maureen (Ida’s confidante) - Izzy Devereux
Ida (Ugly’s mother) - Emma Doherty
Cat (the baddie) - Monica Federici
Grace (School Governor) - Anna Fordham
Billy (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Lucy Bethany
Beaky (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Ellie Hall
Downie (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Niamh Quinn
Fluff (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Alisa de Palma
Ugly - Luke Bainbridge
Jack Daw (TV presenter) - Joe Madley
Greylag (pompous military goose) - James Blake
Dot (Greylag’s wife) - Emily Almond
Queenie (domesticated cat) - Yolanda Sithole
Lowbutt (Queenie’s best friend, a hen) - Anshula Mauree-Bain
Penny (a beautiful young swan) - Julia Bowley
Bullfrog (a jolly soul) - Jamie Renfrew

If your name is in BOLD, please come and get a script and music book from Miss Doan.

There are still other characters who need to be assigned, as well as lots of solo lines (…