"I wasn't here so I don't know what the homework was..."

Inspired by something I saw on the Verulam English Lit Blog, Year 12 homework will now be posted here so that you have NO excuse not to do the work. If you need electronic copies of handouts, I will be able to email the majority of these to you, but only if you email and ask! So, here we go:

Set: Friday 23rd January. Due: Tuesday 27th January
Go to the previous posting and listen to the broadcast with Charles Hazlewood and Emma Johnson, listen to it and answer the questions on the handout given in the lesson.

Set: Tuesday 27th January. Due: Friday 30th January
Harmony: P43, exercises 3e) and f).

Set: Tuesday 27th January. Due Tuesday 3rd February
All sheet music for Sections A and C MUST be brought to the lesson. Options may be considered but uncertainties at this stage are unacceptable.

Time is short so you MUST be organised!

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