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Miss Doan's BBC Proms Highlights.

I thought I'd do this about every two weeks to keep you going through the summer holidays. There are so many excellent Proms this year, but please bear in mind that these are personal highlights. To see the whole programme, please click here. For more details about each Prom below, click on the relevant Prom number.

Prom 9: Wednesday 23 July
Includes Symphony no. 4 by Mendelssohn, Piano Concerto no. 2 and Symphony no.2 by Brahms.

Prom 11: Friday 25 July
Nocturnes by Debussy and Pictures at an Exhibition by Musorgsky.

Prom 15: Monday 28 July
Orchestra members will be interested to hear Beethoven's 5th Symphony, as well as a string version of his Grosse Fuge.

Prom 16: Tuesday 29 July
A British half and a German half - just the way I like it! Janine Jansen performs Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 and the concert finishes with Richard Strauss' amusing tone poem, Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche.

Prom 23: Sunday 3 August
Beethoven's 1st Symphony and Mahler's Das Lied von de…


Congratulations to everyone on an excellent two days. The progress has been fantastic, so well done so far. Please make sure you learn your lines for all of Act I ready for September. Ben Smyth will be coming on Saturday 13th September. He'll be doing some workshops with you so please keep it free! Have a great Summer. Some Proms recommendations coming soon.

How about some Scrabble on Sunday?

Wow! It's going so well! Who'd have thought we would get so far so soon? Well done.

Don't forget, lines and music need to be off the book for Scene I by Monday 21st July.

Just in case you lose it (as if you would), here's the rehearsal schedule for the two days:

Monday 21st July

1000 Warm up and Scene I run through

1030 Sarah, Harry & Bobby (Phil- Blocking that scene)
3 Girlfriends –You could drive a person crazy (Izzie – note bashing)
The Little Things you do together (HDo, singing and ZSh blocking)

1130 Put The Little Things and Karate scene together

Lunch (bring a packed one)

Harry, David and Larry- Sorry, Grateful (Izzie, notebashing)
3 Girfriends – You could drive a person crazy (HDo)
Peter, Susan and Robert - Scene 3 (ZSh blocking)

1315 Jenny, David and Bobby Bub…

Hank and Mary get into town tomorrow...

After the huge success of the first four of rehearsals, I'm sure you will all agree that it would be a great idea to keep up the momentum. Therefore, as mentioned yesterday, there will be rehearsals next week: Tuesday 8th July & Wednesday 9th July 2008: Lunchtime and After school (until 4.45pm). We will be consolidating Company and starting the Overture too. Miss Shepherd would also like to block Scene 1 so please have a look at your lines for it. Please remember to bring your libretto and write the beats of the bars over the long sustained notes (you know where I mean!). Well done on an excellent week's work.
See you on Tuesday.