How about some Scrabble on Sunday?

Wow! It's going so well! Who'd have thought we would get so far so soon? Well done.

Don't forget, lines and music need to be off the book for Scene I by Monday 21st July.

Just in case you lose it (as if you would), here's the rehearsal schedule for the two days:

Monday 21st July

1000 Warm up and Scene I run through

1030 Sarah, Harry & Bobby (Phil- Blocking that scene)
3 Girlfriends –You could drive a person crazy (Izzie – note bashing)
The Little Things you do together (HDo, singing and ZSh blocking)

1130 Put The Little Things and Karate scene together

Lunch (bring a packed one)

Harry, David and Larry- Sorry, Grateful (Izzie, notebashing)
3 Girfriends – You could drive a person crazy (HDo)
Peter, Susan and Robert - Scene 3 (ZSh blocking)

1315 Jenny, David and Bobby Bubbi - Dope scene (ZSh blocking)
Everybody else: Have I got a girl for you (HDo)

1400 Sorry Grateful – sing and block (HDo and ZSh)

1430 Home

1800 Meal out. Izzie, please book.

Tuesday 22nd July

1000 Warm up and Scene 1

Wil and ZSh “Being Bobby/Who is Bobby?” Characterisation etc, as
well as Someone is Waiting.
Martha – Another hundred people (with Izzie)
Poor Baby – the rest of the cast with HDo

April, Kathy, Martha and Ro-ob – Act I Scene V (ZSh, blocking)
Bless this day (Not getting married today without Nev) (HDo)

1215 Lunch (bring a packed one)

1245 Marry Me and Little AND Someone is Waiting (ZSh and HDo)

RUN THROUGH ACT 1 without Ben and Nev’s scene.

Please make sure you are on time for all the sessions. Don't forget a bottle of water, lunch, your libretto and a pencil.

See you then!

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