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William Dowdeswell: Arts Award Bronze review

Arts Gala 2016
I thought the arts gala was a terrific performance done by all of the schools from all around the county. I thought that it could had not been done better by any other arts gala from around the world. I was really not looking forward to it and I thought it was not going to be good at all. But I was wrong, I thought that everyone who took part of the arts gala did a great job. The Great Albert Hall was the greatest privilege that I had in my whole lifetime so I thank the person who made the arts gala to tell them what a fantastic job they did.

Vocal Ensemble and Training Ensemble auditions 2017-2018

Dear all,

Auditions for our two chamber choirs will take place after school on Tuesday 5th September after school. 
Please sign up on the door outside of the Music Office. You need only put down your name. This will go up some time next week. 
You will be asked to sing the soprano line (tune) of Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart (up to bar 18). The music can be found here, as well as in Ms Doan's red pigeon hole (outside the Music Office) from next week. If you are lower voice, please see Mr Guinane or Ms Doan for clarification.
We are looking for a clear tone, accuracy of pitch and rhythm, and musicality. Pronunciation of Latin is not the most important thing.
You will audition once, and should you be successful, we will place you in the appropriate ensemble.
Vocal Ensemble rehearsals take place after school on Wednesdays, and Training Ensemble rehearsals at lunchtime on Tuesdays. Should you be offered a place, you will be expected to attend all rehearsals, as well as continuing to be a…

Summer Concert Information

The Summer Concert is on Tuesday 18th July.

A very detailed Parent Mail has been sent - please make sure your parents have checked it.

On the day, we will meet at 1205 (start of P5) in Music. Make sure you have all your music, instruments, and a packed lunch. Bring water.

We will go by coach to St. Paul's Church, Blandford Road, and rehearse all afternoon. If you are in Year 11 or 13, you may make your own way there, be there latest 1245, but earlier if you want to be helpful.

You will be making your way home from St. Paul's at 1525, so please let us know asap if this is going to be a problem.

You will need to be back at St. Paul's for 6.30pm, in Summer Uniform (black or black and white for Yr11 and above).

Any questions to Music Captains.

It is going to be a great concert.

Mr Guinane and Ms Doan

CED: Music and Film Links

For the Lego trailers, click here.

For Soundtrap access, reactivate your account by clicking here. Make sure you sign in with your school google account.