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Year 10 Tuesday 1st May 2012

Please bring the music for the piece you have performed (or intend to perform) to tomorrow's lesson as we will be working on written appraisals in the lesson. Don't panic!
Miss Doan

Year 10

Year 10: Note Pattern

The Rules:

You must play the pattern through once in its entirety (with an interesting rhythm of course)!

After this you can start to develop a short piece based around this pattern. You can add/change notes at this point.

It should be for a solo instrument.

It should be good.

Mr. Guinane

Year 10: Wednesday 25th April

Please bring headphones if you can for tomorrow's lesson.


Mr. Guinane

Year 10 Homework: Tuesday 24th April

1) Find out about the origins of the waltz, including city of origin and century.
2) Who danced the waltz?
3) Describe the basic dance moves.

Due: Tuesday 1st May 2012

Berlin 2013 Update

It was absolutely thrilling to discover that 62 of you would like to come on the Music Tour to Berlin in Feb 2013.  As you know, the original limit was 50 students.  I am now, however, investigating the possibility of a bigger coach but I don't want it to affect the cost too much.  We will find out by the end of the week if we can accommodate all of you, but if not, we will have to allocate places by lottery, with those missing the deadline forfeiting their place in the lottery.  
Fingers crossed and watch this space!

Vocal Ensemble Summer Playlist

Click here to listen to the sacred pieces for this term.

GCSE and A Level final stretch

Monday 23rd April - lessons 6 ands 7: Year 12 will write up their sleeve notes

Wednesday 25th April lesson 6: Year 11 Creative Task

Friday 27th April lessons 3 and 4: A2 start controlled technical study at Sandringham

We're nearly there!

AS and A2 Homework this week

Year 12: Compare and contrast the texture and tonality of Weelkes' Sing we at pleasure and Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms (18)

Due: Tuesday 24th April 2012

Year 13: Give an account of the features of Gabrieli's In ecclesiis which reflect the fact that it was written in the late Renaissance/early Baroque (13).

Due: Thursday 26th April 2012

Year 11 Leftover requests and Creative Task

I have come to the end of marking your coursework and I need a few things from some of you. Please come and find me with this information on the first day back, or if it just names, please email it to me if possible:
Kathy - the name and composer of your ensemble performanceChloe P - I sent you an email re: B351Paaras - I need the name, composer and sheet music of your ensemble performance Chloe W - can you bring in the sheet music for your ensembleSusannah - I need the sheet music, name and composer of your ensemble I need to move the date of the Creative task to Wednesday 25th April during lesson 6 ( we will go into lesson 7 by 5 minutes).  This is two days later than anticipated but I don't think you will find it a problem!

Hope you are having a good rest and working hard. Don't forget to check out the Pearltrees and Pinterests!

Ms Doan