Year 11 Leftover requests and Creative Task

I have come to the end of marking your coursework and I need a few things from some of you. Please come and find me with this information on the first day back, or if it just names, please email it to me if possible:

  • Kathy - the name and composer of your ensemble performance
  • Chloe P - I sent you an email re: B351
  • Paaras - I need the name, composer and sheet music of your ensemble performance 
  • Chloe W - can you bring in the sheet music for your ensemble
  • Susannah - I need the sheet music, name and composer of your ensemble
I need to move the date of the Creative task to Wednesday 25th April during lesson 6 ( we will go into lesson 7 by 5 minutes).  This is two days later than anticipated but I don't think you will find it a problem!

Hope you are having a good rest and working hard. Don't forget to check out the Pearltrees and Pinterests!

Ms Doan

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