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Year 11 Homework: Jazz Consolidation

Year 11,

Your homework is to amalgamate/bring together/combine our lessons on jazz into one single, definitive document. It must contain:

History/Background Info (all the stuff from our lesson on Thursday)
Famous Musicians (based on your homework, with as many musical facts as possible)
Musical Features (Thursday's lesson and our "C Jam Blues" fun times)

Mindmap, Revision sheet, Website, Multimedia experience, I don't mind, but I want it handed in before Wednesday.

Finally, here is a "Jazz 101" playlist I am putting together for my Big Band. You can have access to it to if you have Spotify (which you should have).

Any questions please ask.

Mr Guinane

Year 10 Homework

1) Give concise definitions of the following terms: monophonic, homophonic, and polyphonic, giving examples from And the glory of the Lord.

2) Write key facts about Handel and his oratorio Messiah.  We are looking for quality, not quantity.  Please do not cut and paste from websites. Use information and summarise.

Due: Wednesday 1st October 2014

Year 12: Even more useful stuff/Today's lesson


Here is the "Choices" sheet I have just explained.

And some more notes:

The Lamb 1

The Lamb 2 (also contains other pieces, ignore those)

Waterloo Sunset

Remember the sections:

Instruments and how they are used
Rhythm and metre

Plus this guy is quite useful is you need any individual/additional help:

Year 13: Haydn Wider Listening

Year 13,

From the Mr Guinane archives, for your listening pleasure:
Click here to download the highlights of Radio 3's Composer of the Week on Haydn String Quartets.

Year 12: Bonus Tavener

Dear Year 12,

From the Mr Guinane archives, for your listening pleasure:

Click here to download the highlights of Radio 3's Composer of the Week on Tavener.


Year 12: Homework and Extra Reading

Hi Year 12,

Click here for a blast of your performance of 'The Lamb'.

Your homework:

Draw up some comparisons between 'The Lamb' and 'Waterloo Sunset' under the following headings:


I will take this in on Thursday.

Additional info:

Here and here are two scans from a book on postmodernism.

Here and here is some additional info on Tavener's 'The Lamb'.

Here is a short analysis of 'The Lamb' and some other works by Tavener.

None of this is essential, and some of it might be too detailed, but it will all help give you a broader overview of the piece.


Mr Guinane

Big Band: Read This


In my hopper there are several "lists" containing every Big Band piece we have done (plus blank spaces in case I have missed some, or for when we get new charts).

I would like you to:

1. Put it in a plastic wallet (also in my hopper) and at the front of your folder.

2. Put the corresponding number IN PENCIL in the top-right hand corner of each chart.

3. Put the charts in order, and keep them in order

4. Sellotape any multiple paged-parts, and make copies if you are a saxophone and you need them

5. Go through the pile of unsorted music and look for extra parts

6. Once you are sure you don't have a chart tucked away somewhere at home, give me a clear, definitive list, per part, of what is missing.

I would like this done by next Thursday. The music will be in the office, come and get it at anytime.

Thank you.

Mr Guinane

Year 12: The Lamb

Hello Year 12,

The video below may help in your preparations for this Thursday. It shows the sheet music along with the track. Enjoy.

Year 11 AoS 4 Homework

After today's lesson, select one of the following questions to answer:
1) How does John Williams create the flying sensation in his ET flying theme? 2) Describe how the extract reflects "Mars, the bringer of war". 3) How does Copland write music which reflects the gun battle in his ballet music "Billy the Kid"?
For each extract, you may wish to refer to instruments, rhythm, melody, pitch, dynamics, texture or any other features that are relevant.
Here are the two example answers you saw in the lesson.

The playlist is below:

Beauty and the Beast Rehearsal Schedule until half term

All rehearsals after school unless otherwise stated:

Monday 15th September - Enchantress - 60/61 - "Prologue"

Tuesday 16th September - Lunchtime - Gaston and LeFou - Music - "Belle"

Tuesday 16th September - EVERYONE except The Beast and Enchantress - Music - "Belle"

Monday 22nd September - EVERYONE except The Beast and Enchantress - Hall - "Belle"

Tuesday 23rd September - EVERYONE except The Beast and Enchantress - Hall - "Belle"

Monday 29th September -

3.45pm-5.30pm: Lumière and Babette (+ possible others TBC) - Hall - "Be Our Guest"
4.45pm-5.30pm: Gaston, Belle, LeFou, Marianne - 60/61 - Dialogue

Tuesday 30th September -

Belle, Marianne, Gaston, LeFou - Music - "No Matter What" and "Me"
Cogsworth, Lumiere, Marianne, Chip, Mrs Potts, Babette, The Beast - 60/61 - Dialogue

Monday 6th October - Silly Girls, Gaston, LeFou, Belle, Ensemble - Hall - "Scene 4"

Tuesday 7th October - Lunchtime - Belle and LeFou -…

Year 13: Homework 10th September 2014

In case you missed it, a simple one:

Plan another of the essays (in lots of detail) from your pack, one of your choice.

Continue to listen to Goldsmith and related film scores, and why not delve into some Messiaen (or Poulenc, Isaac?) after your impressive showing with the listening question today?

Mr G

Beauty and the Beast: Cast List

Dear all,

Thank to everyone who auditioned, the standard has been extremely high.
Please do not be disheartened if you have not been cast on this occasion, please keep coming to drama and music groups to further develop your skills.

The Company of Beauty and the Beast

Lois Fordham

Sidney Brass

Marianne (Mum)
Beth Wilson

Oliver Davies

Matthew Sims

Silly Girls
Ella Houghton
Steph McMillin
Tallulah Trounson

Mrs Potts
Anastasia Raymond

Patrick Quinn

Gabriella Mauro

Lily Kattenhorn-Black

Hannah McGovern

Madame de la Grande Bouche
Hannah Crisp

Monsieur D'Arque
Alex Lewis

Madame D'Arque
Laura Knill-Jones

Molly Robbins

Emily Jarman

Jessie Ainsworth
Isabelle Alexander
Clem Almond
Hannah Carruthers
Amy Cresswell
Maya Das
Josie Gunton
Alice Hancock
Beth Hardisty
Matthew Holmes
Bethan Hughes
Lewis Figg
Mae Lankshear
Bethany Lincoln
Poppy Oliver
Celeste da Palma
Tamsin Sandford-Smith
Katie Walton
Lauren Walker
Emily Webs…

Year 11 Homework: Jazz

Your homework is to provide me with four short biographies of four jazz musicians.

Each should be approximately 100 words long.
No copying and pasting, present it however you wish, and if you need some suggestions try Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, or the greatest guitarist who every lived, Django Reinhardt.
Due Thursday lesson 3.
Any questions please tweet.
Mr Guinane

Beauty and the Beast: Recall List

As we explained, during the auditions, we are not recalling for every single part, but only the leads.

Therefore, if your name is not on this list, it does not mean you are not in the show.

We will post a full cast list on Tuesday evening.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, the standard is extremely high, listed below are the people we would like to see on Tuesday, the parts they are being recalled for, and the time of their recall audition:

Everything will happen in Music.

Tuesday Lunchtime:

Belle (Home):

Lois Fordham
Anastasia Raymond

Mrs Potts (Beauty and the Beast):

Lois Fordham
Anastasia Raymond
Beth Wilson

D'Arque (Maison des Lunes):

Alex Lewis
Patrick Quinn

The Beast (If I Can't Love Her):

Sidney Brass
Oliver Davies

Gaston (Me):

Sidney Brass
Oliver Davies

Tuesday After School:

LeFou (the song "Gaston" and Dialogue):

Alex Lewis
Matt Sims

Belle (Dialogue):

Lois Fordham
Anastasia Raymond

Mrs Potts (Dialogue):

Lois Fordham
Anastasia Raymond
Beth Wilson

Lumière (D…

Captains 2014-15

We are pleased to announce that the Music Captains for 2014-15 are:

Naomi Baker
Sidney Brass
Elise Cutforth
Oliver Davies
Tom Holmes
Andrew Knight

Congratulations to them. As ambassadors for the department, feel free to approach them and ask them anything about the running of the department or the opportunities available in Music at Beaumont.

We look forward to working with them.

Guinane and Doan