Big Band: Read This


In my hopper there are several "lists" containing every Big Band piece we have done (plus blank spaces in case I have missed some, or for when we get new charts).

I would like you to:

1. Put it in a plastic wallet (also in my hopper) and at the front of your folder.

2. Put the corresponding number IN PENCIL in the top-right hand corner of each chart.

3. Put the charts in order, and keep them in order

4. Sellotape any multiple paged-parts, and make copies if you are a saxophone and you need them

5. Go through the pile of unsorted music and look for extra parts

6. Once you are sure you don't have a chart tucked away somewhere at home, give me a clear, definitive list, per part, of what is missing.

I would like this done by next Thursday. The music will be in the office, come and get it at anytime.

Thank you.

Mr Guinane

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