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Year 12: Homework Reminder

Year 12,

Apologies for not blogging this sooner, the department has been very busy over the past few weeks!

A reminder that by Tuesday's lesson you should have done the following:

1. Produced some preliminary research on the remaining set works

2. Answered the following essay question:

Compare and contrast the melody and word setting in the Schubert and the Van Morrison

If there are any issues with the above please drop me an email.

I hope you have all had a good half term, I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Mr. Guinane

Year 13: On the Waterfront Essay Homework


Now that you are beginning to recover from Berlin, a reminder of your homework, due Monday 4th March.

1. Answer one of the two essay questions we planned in class.

2. With another colour, mark the essay according to the mark schemes you have been given. Highlight points worthy of credit and award the essay a mark.

The two questions are:

1. How does Bernstein create the sense of a bleak, dockland landscape in On the Waterfront?

2. How is the music for On the Waterfront typical of its time?

And finally, to help you, your plans from the lesson:

Berlin Programme

You can find the programme for Berlin by clicking here.

Berlin 2013: Final Words of Wisdom

Dear all,
As the excitement draws ever closer, please cast your eye over some final words of wisdom from Miss Doan and Mr Guinane:
We cannot overstate the importance of warm, sensible clothes. We are staying in a hostel so please pack a towel.
Concert Dress
Concert dress is all black. We will be performing in three concerts during the week. Musical performance is more often than not associated with some form of perspiration. Please bear this in mind when choosing the number of shirts/blouses/tops you bring. Please do not forget smart black shoes, and be aware of skirt length.
Long Journeys
The coach journey to and from Berlin is long.
We would suggest you consider comfort as more important than fashion for this section of the trip. Avoid jeans and other tight-fitting clothes. Pack a toothbrush, deodorant and any other toiletries you feel you may need in your hand luggage. Optional extras include a pillow, an iPod (other MP3 players are available), a book/Kindle (other e-readers …

Preparations for Berlin

With under a week to go, here's a little reminder of what you need to think about this week:

1) Don't forget there is pretty comprehensive packing list on the back of the itinerary so please refer to that
2) Please can you bring a music stand, if you have one.  We need to as many as we can get. 
3) CHOIR MUSIC: you MUST pack your music in your suitcase.  I will not be happy (be ready for the Doan glare) if you forget it.
4) CONCERT DRESS: smart all black (no leggings or short skirts), including SMART black shoes please.

5) There have been some changes to the itinerary but please pack your own so you have a good idea of what's going on.

I think that's it for now. Updates will be made on Twitter this week too -please keep checking.

Berlin 2013: rooms

For your information, here are the rooms for Berlin. You won't be in them for very long!