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Stephen Hawking's 75th Birthday (and Alumni news)

For Stephen Hawking's 75th Birthday, the Choir Gonville and Cauis, Cambridge (where he has been a Fellow for 52 years) commissioned the composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad to write a choral piece for him, the theme being the universe.  In the video below, we get a small insight into her creative process and how she set about finding some words to create her musical image of the universe. In the piece, Frances-Hoad uses Newtonian physics, NASA space sounds and a children's poem as her inspiration.  The coming together of the arts, literature and science results in quite an ethereal work.
You can read more here about the influences in the piece and watch the two videos below.  You will also recognise our lovely alumna Alice Webster as one of the three soloists, who asks some of the questions which Hawking asks in his Brief History of Time while the choir repeats "Sun, moon, stars".

Tuesday Tunes 23/05/17

Beaumont Music Department presents Tuesday Tunes; weekly recommendations for all audiences, curated by the Beaumont Music staff.
Recommendations for this week:
Django Bates - Saluting Sgt. Pepper
The impending 50th Anniversary of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' will produce a plethora of articles/releases about this classic album, so here is mine. Crazy jazzman Django Bates is releasing a tribute album with the Frankfurt Radio Big Band. It is worth checking out. A sample track is available on the Bandcamp page (click the link above). Oh, and also, Mr Burrett did a gig with him once.

- Mr G

As the Vocal Ensemble and Male Voice Choir prepare for their performance of Carmina Burana with  St Albans Choral Society, here is a very lovely soprano solo from the work: In trutina. Scroll to 3:38.

- Ms D

Exam Week Information: Years 7, 8 and 10

Please find below some information about Music exams during exam week:

Year 7

Your exam will be mainly listening based, with a short written element. You will be asked about:

Instruments of the OrchestraSambaFanfaresGeneral listening/musicianship
Year 8
Your exam will be mainly listening based, with a short written element. You will be asked about:

RiffsThe BluesFolk MusicNew Directions (Terry Riley's 'In C' and Steve Reich's 'Clapping Music')
Year 10
Your exam will be a shortened version of a GCSE listening exam. Topics will include Areas of Study we have looked at since the start of the course.
How to revise?
Listen to music! Links to Spotify playlists for certain topics can be found below:
Year 7: Fanfares Year 7: Instruments of the Orchestra
Year 7: Samba Year 8: Riffs Year 8: The Blues Year 8: New Directions Year 8: Folk Music

DSO KIDS - A great resource for instruments of the orchestra.
For GCSE students, you know what is going on. See us for help with revision.
Any qu…

Tuesday Tunes 16/05/17

Beaumont Music Department presents Tuesday Tunes; weekly recommendations for all audiences, curated by the Beaumont Music staff.
Recommendations for this week:
Andrew Sparling - New works for clarinet
NMC Recordings is a fantastic label for new music. I just stumbled across this album while working (I found it on a Spotify playlist curated by composer Anna Meredith). The disc is full of variety; there is something for everyone. The title takes you to the Spotify album, and the link below takes you to the album's page on the label's website.
Andrew Sparling - New works for clarinet (NMC)
- Mr G

I'm playing in a really lovely concert on Saturday. You should all come. If you are in Year 10 or 11, you have no excuse really. Difficult to pick a highlight from the programme for me, but I shall go for Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto in B flat Major. The conductor and soloist here is the renowned Daniel Barenboim:

- Ms D

Exam Leave and Extra-Curricular Commitments

Dear Years 11 and 13,

As you embark on study leave, here is some information regarding extra-curricular clubs.

Above all, your attendance is expected at the following clubs:

Vocal Ensemble
Big Band

If you cannot make a club due to an exam, no problem, but do have the courtesy to let us know.

For all other clubs, you are welcome to join us, but if you need to study, then do please study. Please try to make at least the final two or three rehearsals before the concert.

Music students, please remember that we are both around during your lesson time (and pretty much any other time), should you need any help with revision.

All the best guys!

Shout if you have any questions,

Mr Guinane and Ms Doan

Chamber Music Fridays

Ms Vandy is keen to do Brandenburg 3 with our senior string players. Let's do it! After Orchestra on Friday, let's have a go at this. Please can the following people stay this week:

Violin: 1: Tamsin and Lauren  Violin 2:  Olivia and Sadie, Fiona Violin 3: Matilda, Ella,  Ms Doan Violas: Bethany, Mae and Alex ‘Celli: Michael, Matika, Zak and Jonny Light  Bass: Mr G & Katie 
Hope that's OK. Can't wait!

Tuesday Tunes - 2/5/17

'Jazz Is The Mother Of Hip-Hop': How Sampling Connects Genres In this short doc, Robert Glasper identifies three jazz samples, from tracks by Ahmad Jamal and Herbie Hancock, that have served as source material for famed hip-hop producers J Dilla and Pete Rock. It is cool. Watch it. Mr G
For those of you who are interested in History as well as Music, BBC Radio 3 is having a Luther season. This focusses on the impact that Martin Luther and the Reformation had on the rest of history and music.  For Year 12, this is essential listening in preparing for the Bach Cantata and will give context to your set work as being such fascinating time in history. 
The first 15 minute programme was last night on Radio 3. Listen again here.
Ms D