Beaumont School Honk! Cast

Our decisions so far are (in order of appearance):

Drake (Ugly’s father) - Yannick Mayaud
Turkey (Headmaster) - Ben Rodell
Henrietta (Ida’s friend) - Amy Hazlehurst
Maureen (Ida’s confidante) - Izzy Devereux
Ida (Ugly’s mother) - Emma Doherty
Cat (the baddie) - Monica Federici
Grace (School Governor) - Anna Fordham
Billy (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Lucy Bethany
Beaky (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Ellie Hall
Downie (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Niamh Quinn
Fluff (duckling/Ugly’s siblings) - Alisa de Palma
Ugly - Luke Bainbridge
Jack Daw (TV presenter) - Joe Madley
Greylag (pompous military goose) - James Blake
Dot (Greylag’s wife) - Emily Almond
Queenie (domesticated cat) - Yolanda Sithole
Lowbutt (Queenie’s best friend, a hen) - Anshula Mauree-Bain
Penny (a beautiful young swan) - Julia Bowley
Bullfrog (a jolly soul) - Jamie Renfrew

If your name is in BOLD, please come and get a script and music book from Miss Doan.

There are still other characters who need to be assigned, as well as lots of solo lines (speaking and singing). We will cast the other parts during rehearsals:

Beth Wilson
Cerys Falvey
Bradley Fordham
Emma Hodgson
Rosie Goymer
Katherine Alman
Ben Winter
Edward Gooden
Louisa Briguglio
Catriona McCall
Louise Taylor
Tulsi Khanna
Alex Wells
Henry Clendon
Katie McMillin
Jack Madley

See you all on THURSDAY (after school in Room 30)!

Miss Doan and Miss Shepherd.

Click here to go to the Honk! website.


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