Arts Award Review: Luke Nixon

I went to see Chelmsford Gangshow 2016 at the Civic Theatre on the 30th April 2016. I really enjoyed the overall show as the creation aspect and design of the set, costumes and theme worked really well. The items which were thought up by the cast and crew were really clever and some were original but others were exact copies of musicals such as Oliver Twist and Mary Poppins. Most of the sketches were very clever and innovative and I especially enjoyed the "Swimmers" sketch which involved a group of young boys pretending to dive and backflip. The concept and the production of this were very good. The cast was indeed as good as the show. Singing overall was outstanding and the dance aspect was quite good in some places. The stage presence of the performers was not quite there. A lot of the cast seemed to have their thoughts elsewhere which really let the show down. However, the show overall was very good and I would probably recommend it for young children/preteens but no older.

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