Arts Award Bronze: 2016-2017

The following students have been nominated by one or more of their arts/dance teachers to take part in Bronze Arts Award. To find out more, please come to a short meeting in H2 at the start of Wednesday lunchtime (it won’t take very long) to find out more:

8L: Ellie Bunker, Daniel Busby, Sophie Collins, William Dowdswell, Matilda Green, Tia Hall, Cara Tan Ward
8E: Tom Cross, Luka Cutts, Rosie Fletcher, Sophie Hodges, Hela Ivanova, Rachel Magee, Tommy Groth
8A: Manav Soni
8R: Ella Beadle, Raif Fisher, Sadie Keaveney, Euan Campbell
8N: Helena Amparan, Isabel Holsborough, Lewis Hopkins, Katie Penn

8S: Phoebe Turnbull

Look forward to seeing you then.

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