Year 12 AS Homework - Thu 21st October (Mr. Guinane)

Continuing your initiation into the strange and bizarre world of 20th Century Classical Music, over half term I would like you to prepare two arguments, the cases for and against this avant-garde music.

On one hand, the argument that this is real music, brilliantly inventive and clever, and deserves to be called art because... (The Mr. Guinane argument)

On the other, the argument that this is not music, it does not resemble music, it is all quite rubbish really (The Miss Doan argument)

Please use the general music resources we have pointed out to you, but also think about what you class as music, what music should/be represent in your mind.

I will ask you to argue one side in groups after the holidays.

Any questions, or for listening suggestions if you haven't made your mind up, comment on this post and we will try to help.

Enjoy the week off.

Mr. Guinane

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