Year 12 Homework and Podcast: Tuesday 19th Jan

1) Miss Proctor's Jazz Homework

Research and answer in detail the questions on the Jumpin' at the Woodside homework sheet.
The following questions are below:

a) Write a concise paragraph about Count Basie; include the following:

date and place of his birth
the type of music he played
the cities in which he worked
information about his group - why they became so famous, the style in which they played, any other interesting features etc
b) Write a concise paragraph or two, researching into the background of Jumpin' at the Woodside, including when and how it was composed.

2) Miss Doan's Classical Homework
Answer the questions on the sheet, handed out in the lesson. This is also available on Google Docs. Click
here to download the file. I will also share it into your Google Docs inbox.
Below is the podcast from the lesson (Tuesday 12/1/10) or click
here to listen to it from

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