King's Singers: Gold

These guys turn 50 this year. Obviously none of them is 50 years old, but if you don't know this group, then you should get to know them. Formed in 1968, this all six-piece male vocal ensemble have made a name for their stunning singing, ranging from Renaissance polyphony to arrangement of more current hits.

For me, I have always loved going through the huge numbers of arrangements that they have made available to us. Most of them are really approachable by the amateur ensemble, and over the years, some of their arrangements have become real Vocal Ensemble favourites. I try to make a point of teaching And So it Goes to every cohort, and this, along with Lonesome Road and She's Always a Woman will remain very dear to past and present members' hearts.

The King's Singers have recently released Gold, a three-album compilation to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Listen to it here. Vocal Ensemble, I look forward to taking you to their concert in January. 

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