Hello singers!

Please can we meet at 10am prompt, not the start of lesson 3. We need to warm up very quickly and then I have assigned you your method of transport below!  It's a tricky one, but should work.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR MUSIC (Niamh, lots of you in TE) as I do not have spares.

A reminder:

Years 10-11: Full winter uniform, skirts of appropriate length
Years 12-13: SMART all black.  No leggings please, girls (and boys), and skirts/dresses of an appropriate length. Smart shoes also please.

Please bring a packed lunch, though there will be some snacks for you.  We will return to school for lesson 7.  

Should be a cracking concert - looking forward to it.

Ms D

Anastasia - Beth, Niamh (later)
Mrs Brass - Sid, Ollie, Tom and Tom
DG - Michael, Patrick, Bethany Lincoln, Hannah Carruthers
Alice W -  Emily W, Alice H, Megan, Naomi

Minibus - Doan, Laura KJ, Katie, Amalia, Naomi CJ, Beth DM, Chloe DM, Mae, Poppy Oliver, Molly Robbins, Tamsin Sandford-Smith, Raya, Becky, Lucy, Hannah Crisp,Lauren

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