Year 11 Controlled Coursework...Final sessions

Final lessons for Composition 2 are as follows:
Thursday 3rd March
Wednesday 9th March
Thursday 10th March

This takes you up to 9 hours (you are allowed 10 hours in total).

The two write up lessons (log and evaluation) will be on:
Tuesday 15th March
Wednesday 16th March

You are allowed 2 hours for this so any more time you need will have to be in extra sessions.

I will then put on the following sessions for those of you who need the extra hour of composing or writing (or have been away for some lessons):

Monday 21st March - lunchtime and after school
Tuesday 22nd March - lunchtime and after school
Thursday 23rd March - lunchtime and after school

Please be organised and make sure you sort yourselves out. We're nearly there!

Finally...your creative task will be on Wednesday 27th April 2011 (the first day of Summer Term). Don't stress about this yet.

Come and talk to me if you have issues.

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