Year 12 :G353 Specimen paper

You will receive the papers but not the tracks. These are available for download until Sunday 9th May so please download them beforehand.

Click here for the paper.

Click here for Insert 1.

Click here for Insert 2.

Here are the tracks. Click on the relevant one and save.
Extract 1A (Passage 1.i)
Extract 1A (Passage 1.ii)
Extract 1A (Passage 1.iii)
Extract 1B (Passage 1.i)
Extract 1B (Passage 1.ii)
Extract 1B (Passage 1.iii)
We will go through the answers next week if you wish to do so. You should also attempt one of the essays at the end. Mark scheme for the essay is at the back of the paper.

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