48 hour Joseph cast list

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  It was a strong field and we have made some tough decisions.  Congratulations to everyone who has been successful.  Please do not be disheartened if you did not get in.  Continue coming to Choir and drama clubs to develop your skills and confidence.

There is a meeting on Monday 24th September at breaktime in Room 30 for the cast  Please be prompt!

Joseph Oliver Davies & Tulsi Khanna
Narrators Ella Houghton & Laura Knill-Jones
Soloists for Potiphar's song Lucy Bethany, Rosie Goymer & Belle Haswell
Pharaoh Alex Lewis
Jacob/Potiphar Alex Wells
Reuben Sidney Brass
Simeon Theo Habbick
Levi Tom Holmes
Napthali Anshula Mauree-Bain
Issachar Patrick Quinn
Asher Becky Bainbridge
Dan Alisa da Palma
Zebulun Poppy Oliver
Gad Paul Knight
Judah Hannah Crisp
Benjamin Matthew Sims
Baker Rosie Goymer
Butler Belle Haswell
Jacob's wives Katie McMillin, Gabby Mauro, Anastasia Raymond, Emily Jarman, Phoenix Weston, Erika Yee, Sophie Bagge
Mrs Potiphar Sophie Bagge

Ensemble Megan Hodges, Beth Wilson, Alice Webster, Naomi Baker, Alice Hancock, Hannah Perryman, Kira Pattenden, Anna Leach, Becky Weir, Grace Pattenden, Abi Langton, Lauren Emmerson, Chloe Rose, Beth Hardisty, Lauren Walker, Raya Tan Ward

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