Year 13 work: Thursday 22nd March

Hi Year 13,

I am so sorry but I won't be coming into school tomorrow (Thursday) as I am unwell. It means we won't be able to record your performances so we will have to do them next Thursday. Please be ready.

In tomorrow's lesson please make sure you do the following:

1) You should now have added to your notes on the texture of Gabrieli's In ecclesiis, having discussed this in last week's lesson.
2) This week you should select and highlight any key points in terms of harmony and rhythm. Do some research if you need to but I would like some points and examples ready for me to look over next week.
3) Finally, please make notes and consider how the piece has characteristics of the Renaissance as well as the Baroque periods.

These need to be handed in next Thursday 29th March 2012.

Apologies again.

Miss Doan

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