Arts Award: Anisha Kashim

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical is a must see show. It is for all ages with many laughs throughout. The golden ticket holders are presented in a special way. There was a great twist in the end and the child actors were phenomenal. The whole journey of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a magical and it would be great if you can experience it! 

The performance showed me what to expect when performing in front of big audiences and the way I can improve my acting by varying pitch and volume. It also was a way to see how actors make the most of their surroundings and how to use space effectively. It expanded my knowledge of musicals and acting from the age of ten years old. I will admit that I personally do find it hard when it comes to changing how loud I use my voice and adding emotion to it because sometimes I forget one part and I end up sounding like a monotonous robot. 

Watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has helped me improve these skills because sometimes practice is not all that it takes, you need to watch it in front of yourself and pick out the things that need improving. Watching the young actors have so much fun doing this made me realize that it is not just about practicing and rehearsing everyday to make it as perfect as possible, it is also about having fun and letting loose every now and then. This is the real reason I love to act, a reason that I end up forgetting and makes me miserable when I do. I love to act because it gives me a reason to be someone I am not and enjoy myself and forget about everything else that is going on around me. I am going to watch two more theater performances in two weeks’ time, The Railway Children and another one but we have not been told what we are going to watch yet. Acting gives me a rush but there is a difference between watching it and doing it yourself.

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