Arts Award Review: Leon Heaney

For part B I will share my experience at a musical event. I will then review the musical event, presenting you with what I witnessed along with what I enjoyed, learnt and what I thought could use improving in the show I observed.
In January 2015 I had the opportunity to visit a Young Voices performance in the 02 Arena in London.
The music was very vibrant and it was very satisfying to watch the children live sing their hearts out to their family and friends in the crowd.
Every genre of song in the show (tributes, pop, traditional and chants) had its own unique way of getting everyone (both singing and watching) involved in some form throughout the performance.
I also enjoyed the connection with the parents and the children throughout the show. Whether it was singing or dancing, everyone had the opportunity to share the same experience as the children in on stage.
I enjoyed the use of lighting as it matched the mood of the song and I personally think the use of multiple colours of light was even more effective.
This was used towards the middle of the performance in the tribute for Nelson Mandela when the lighting was used to make the South African flag appear on the pupils white t shirts.
I thought that the costume designs were very thought out. The white    t shirts where very effective because it had a clear logo on the t shirt as well as being able to show the colour of the lighting on stage which helped to set the mood of the song throughout the performance.

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