Arts Award Review: Kiera Patel

Here's one with a twist...Cake International!

Cake International 

It is almost like an intervention but for 'cake lover'. Many different suppliers set up stalls to teach and sell their products. There also are different international cake/sugarcraft teachers who teach different skills. 

I personally went to one of these sessions that's one of the teachers were putting on. They were teaching on how to make animals. It was pretty interesting as you could see the step by step routine within how to make each sculpture. 

My thoughts: 

I did really enjoy the exhibition yet I did think that it was all a bit deprecated and not unified like I thought it would be. Within the sessions we couldn't interact with the teacher or make make the sugar paste sculptures/ animals along side the teacher. 

I really liked the displays and the competition entries. The people I went with said they really loved the variety of styles that were shown. One said the techniques on the display and the promotions showed great skill in jobs and hobbies that some individuals have. 


Would I recommend for people to go to cake international: personally I would as I like to see other peoples styles and techniques. But i would say that if someone one was looking for the ability to learn new skills and go on courses, this isn't what the exhibition is about. Where as if someone was looking for a place to buy new improved products or are looking at their competitors work, I would definitely recommend it to them. 

I'm happy that I went even though it wasn't what I was expecting because it inspired me to try larger and more detailed and challenging cakes. 

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