Seussical Rehearsals w/c 9th July

Here are the extra lunchtime rehearsals for Seussical w/c 9th July.

Please go to the Hall as we will always try to be in there from now on. Keep your eye on Twitter for info the evening before the rehearsals just in case.
  • Monday - Cat, Mr & Mrs Mayor, Horton, Jojo pgs 25,30 - 32 and any other dialogue issues
  • Tuesday - Cat, scary voices, hunches. Dance and singing for Havin' a Hunch
  • Wednesday - Summer Concert - If you are not involved please go and support
  • Thursday - tbc - will be based on after school rehearsals
  • Friday - tbc - will be based on after school rehearsals
We have 5 school days left until the opening night. Please make sure you know everything and you have remembered your cues. Stay on the ball from now on please. Seussical is a priority. It is going to be amazing!  

Have a good CEW.

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