Year 12 Homework Tuesday 6th November

First of all you need to listen to both the Sarabande and Gigue and familiarise yourself with the work in general. The playlist for all of your instrumental set works is here but you can find the all of Partita no. 4 for piano and also harpsichord (in the same playlist) here.

As well as listening you need to do some basic research into the context in which the Partita was written as well as basic information on the key characteristics of the Sarabande and the Gigue. There is a lot of information online, but they best place to start is to click here and use BBC Radio 3's Discovering Music notes. Please do not cut and paste chunks of text, you need to summarise and draw out the information which you feel is most important.

Due: Tuesday 11th January 2011

PS. Don't forget that controlled composing begins on Tuesday - please be prompt to your lesson!

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