Beaumont Big Band Please Read

Hello Big Band,

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment this half term. Big Band rehearsals have often been heavily disrupted for various reasons, but focus in rehearsals despite sometimes small numbers has always been excellent. This is the main reason we will sound great in Prague!

However, before we go away you could do me a huge favour and do some listening in your spare time, to make sure you really know the pieces and their sound, it will improve the overall sound of the band in Prague. So, if you are able, please listen to the following things this week (all links to Spotify):

Gordon Goodwin Big Band - Count Bubba: the original, not quite the version we play, but very useful to hear nonetheless.

Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay: again the original, but good for hearing how groovy this piece is!

Mark Murphy - On The Red Clay: another version of Red Clay (vocal), a fantastic piece of jazz with a cracking band behind the singer.

Count Basie - Splanky: though we aren't playing this piece, you should listen to arguably the greatest Big Band of all time; listen to how all the sections are perfectly balanced and complement each other perfectly, and listen to how hard the rhythm section swings! Amazing!

Don't forget our last rehearsal is Tuesday lunch, please come with everything you need to add the finishing touches to these pieces before Prague.

Many thanks,

Mr. Guinane

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