Final Advice to Year 11 for B354

Advice for B354 Listening (Tuesday 17th May 2011)
  • Don't forget to use BLACK pen or pencil only
  • Take the opportunity of the "read-through" of the paper to underline key words in the questions
  • Don't try and write impressive answers - just answer the question. You get no credit for putting down less obvious answers.
  • Before the extracts have started, see if you can answer some of the questions without listening
  • Decide how many questions to attempt per listening - don't spend ages on one question
  • Once you know what the style of the extract, consider the key words associated with it
  • Don't beat yourself up about not knowing the answer to the odd question
  • Just DESCRIBE WHAT YOU HEAR. Basic answers are often the best. Don't try and dress up answer with language you don't understand, but at the same time, use terminology where appropriate.

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