Mr Guinane's and Miss Doan's personal blogs

As well as this beautifully maintained blog, Mr Guinane started his own tumblr blog a few months ago on which he posts musings on music, education and personal interests, including coffee and classic cartoons! Not wanting to be left behind, I have followed suit and set my own tumblr blog too and again, post musings on music, education and other interests.

So this the plan. All homework, information and Music Department business will continue to be posted here. However, in our GCSE and A Level lessons, we will both be encouraging wider listening and reading and we will do this from our respective tumblr blogs. You will see that both of the pages are very different and reflect our specific interests.

In your spare time, if you want to listening something with clear structure, tonal functional harmony and lovely melodies, then visit my blog For the Love of Tonal Functional Harmony by clicking here. If you want to listen to music that was written in the 20th century in a variety of styles (including minimalism and jazz) the visit Mr Guinane's blog Play Fewer Notes by click here.


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