Songs for a New World this week

This is what is happening this week!

Monday lunch: Anastasia and Beth with HDo
Monday: Adele = polish River and finish World was dancing - performance standard please
Tuesday: Flying home - Chris, Tulsi, Alex, Anna, Beth, Emily, Emma & Chloe. We have meetings so Emma, Emily, Anna please talk to each other and work out how you are going to teach everyone what they need to know. I will give you copies labelled up with who is singing what part. I will leave my phone for Audioboos too!
Wednesday lunch: Room 29 - Rosie with ZSh.
Thursday: Block Flying Home. Learn Final transition, block Final Transition and block Hear my song.

The following people are in the Final Transition: Nev, Niamh, Anna, Amy, Belle, Rosie, Chloe & Anastastia.

Sunday 9th October 2011 at 2pm-5pm - Sitz Probe: FULL CAST AND BAND (this is a run through with the band)

7pm - Songs from the West End. No need to buy tickets for yourselves.


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