Year 13 work: Thursday 3rd Nov

Ich bin in Deutschland!

In Thursday´s lesson I would like you to turn up and Mr Guinane will have left you a listening exercise or two to do. You may attempt to do this as a group or individually. We can then discuss how you found it the following week. If you finish, you can practise for your performances or do some wider reading below.

For wider listening and reading you should do the following:

It's simple: in comments on the music, art, drama, literatureand all things cultural. Articles also contextualise the arts, which will be of a great support to younot only Music, but also History, Drama, English and Art. To stop you from having to checkthe blog frequently, I highly recommend you like the Facebook page: . If you 'like' the page, then the articles will turn up on in your news feed andyou can click on anything of interest. There will also be links to articles in newpaper reviews etc. These posts also feed through to twitter: @entartetemusik. Make sure you do this, as we maydiscuss articles etc at the start of lessons etc.

10 Finally, you will see from your diaries that we had arranged for you to perform on Thursday 10th November (the following week). Please come with a 12 minute planned programme so wecan have a go. Ben, you need not do this as you did one in the Summer. It is down to you to goover the criteria for performance (I gave this to you at the start of the A2 course).

Work hard and I will see you on 10th Nov.

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