Seussical Cast List (in order of appearance)

JoJo Patrick Quinn

Cat in the Hat Ella Houghton

Horton Oliver Davies

Mr Mayor Sid Brass

Mrs Mayor Alice Webster

Gertrude McFuzz Lois Fordham

Mayzie La Bird Laura Knill-Jones

Sour Kangeroo Hannah Collier

General Ghengis Kahn Schmitz Sean Boyle

Bird Girls

Sophie Bagge, Rebecca Bainbridge, Lucy Bethany, Amy Cresswell, Steph McMillin, Erika Yee

Young Kangeroo Jack Turnbull

Wickersham 1 Poppy Oliver

Wickersham 2 Alex Lewis

Wickersham 3 Bethany Latham

Yertle the Turtle Oscar Easton

Grinch Holly Seglah

Vlad Vladikoff Phoenix Weston

Cindy-Lou Who Gabby Mauro

Scary Voices and Hunches

Megan Hodges, Bethan Hughes, Aja Whittingham, Lily Kattenhorn-Black, Naomi Coleman Jones, Sophie Thomas

Whos, Citizens of the Jungle, Fish, Cadets, Circus Folk and Courtroom people played by the ensemble. There are plenty of solo lines to give out, and this will be done in rehearsal.

Well done to everybody. We are really excited about working with such a strong cast. See you on Monday!

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