Christmas Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Please read and digest:

No Concert Band at 7.45am due to rehearsals during the day!

Breaktime String Group (Hall)

Lesson 4 Concert Band & Wind Ensemble (11.45pm)

Lesson 5 Orchestra (Hall)

LUNCHTIME Vocal Ensemble

Lesson 6 Big Band & Year 9 Band (Hall)

Lesson 7 Choir, Year 11 Choir (Hall)

1745 Consortium Orchestra (Hall) – please be finished by 6.15pm

1830 Please meet in the Music Block

1900 Concert – dress is SMART *All Black or Black and white, BLACK SHOES or school winter uniform

*Girls, please wear skirts or trousers, NOT leggings or skinny jeans.

See Miss Doan or Mr Guinane if you have any questions.

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