Beaumont Composer of the Week: Felix Mendelssohn

Starting from tomorrow, we will be introducing Beaumont Composer/Artist of the Week. When you come into the department foyer before and after school, at break times and lunchtimes, you will hear music by our chosen composer or artist.  Obviously if there are rehearsals on then we won't play the music but we think it's a nice to enter the Music Department to music and what better opportunity to broaden your listening experiences.  Music will be playing from Spotify so if there is anything you like, you can find out what the name of the piece is as it will be on the laptop screen.  We will also post up the playlist on here so you can download it for your own Spotify account.

So, first up is Ms Doan's choice. I am going for a composer whose style I think can speak to all of you, whether it be instrumentally or chorally.  From his lush chamber music (I give you the Octet) to his glorious oratorio Elijah, I hope you will find something you enjoy and then go and listen to other similar works. You can find out more about Mendelssohn from the BBC Radio 3 website as he was one of the Composers of the Year in 2009.   Please come and tell us what you think of it all during or at the end of the week.

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

Below is the playlist you will hear this week, but click here to download it to your own Spotify account.

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