Composer of the Week: Franz Joseph Haydn

For our return to school, this week's "....of the week" is Franz Joseph Haydn, one of the most prominent composers of the Classical period.  Born in Austria in 1732, Haydn is often regarded as the "father of the symphony" and "father of the string quartet", given his prolific output in both of these genres.  Haydn was also instrumental in his development of the piano trio and sonata form (yes!).

Haydn spent most of his career as a court musician to the Esterhazy family, whose palace we visited on our Vienna '08 tour.  He has a good friend of Mozart's and Beethoven's teacher.  Read more about him here, access the Spotify playlist here, or it is embedded below.

Highlights (well, Ms Doan's) of his output include Symphonies no 103 ("Drum Roll") and 104 ("London"), as well as his oratorio The Creation and his op. 20 string quartets.


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