Year 11: Mocks and extra-curricular clubs

Here is the list of topics for next week's exam:

Area of Study 2: Classical period, African A Cappella
Area of Study 3: Jigs & Reels, American Line Dancing, Salsa
Area of Study 4: Descriptive Music

You are expected to attend your instrumental lessons as usual.  If there is a clash with an exam, please sort it out with your teacher. If you can't then, please get in touch with us and we will try and sort it for you.  Missed lessons for no reason will not be acceptable and we will charge for these.

As Christmas is coming up soon, we also expect you to come to extra-curricular clubs where possible. If it's a lunchtime club, we will let you leave earlier for your afternoon exam.  Concert Band would be fab but we understand if you can't make it.

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