Year 11: Mocks and extra-curricular clubs

Year 11, you go on mock exam leave on Friday.

During exam leave, we would like you to continue to attend clubs where possible. Attendance is compulsory for Big Band, Vocal Ensemble and Orchestra, unless you have an exam (and giving advance notice for missed rehearsals is basic manners).

If you need to miss a club for revision, fine, but please remember your responsibilities as senior members of the department. We are busy preparing for a number of concerts, and rely on our senior musicians to set a good example for our younger students. The department is only as good as it is thanks to the continued commitment of our amazing students (you lot). Also, music is a brilliant way to relax, and take your mind off exams during mocks.

You are expected to attend your instrumental lessons as usual.  If there is a clash with an exam, please sort it out with your teacher. Missed lessons for no reason will be charged.

Good luck, go and smash your mocks.

D&G x

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