End of Term!

The end of term is here!

Well done to everybody who contributed to the Music Department this year. We have had a fantastic year, performed some brilliant concerts and produced some wonderful music. Well done.

A particular well done to everyone involved in the Summer Concert on Tuesday. The conditions were harsh, but you did not let that detract from your musicianship or professionalism. You were all a credit to the school.

Have a wonderful summer, get some rest and relax. Listen to as much music as possible, try to see a concert or a prom, and tell us about what you did in September.

We will endeavour to tweet at regular intervals during the holidays, but #beaumontbedtimelistening will not be as regular as it is during term time. Follow us on twitter (@BeaumontMusic) if you do not already do so.

Please feel free to email beaumont.music@beaumont.herts.sch.uk with any questions or queries you have, but bear in mind that I am getting married and going on my honeymoon so will be unavailable during that period!

Good luck to everyone expecting exam results, the Music Department will try to be represented in some form on both results day.

Enjoy the summer.

Mr Guinane

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