Year 10 - Period 5, Weds 16th July 2014: Room 10

Year 10,

This is your last opportunity in lessons to complete your first lot of controlled coursework.

To complete the final paragraph of your commentaries, you will need to listen to your first performances. They can be found by clicking this link.

If this link does not work, they are also on the CRL at:

Pupil Area > Music > Year 10 > Performance 1 for Commentary

To view the post I made last week about exactly what needs to be handed in, click here.

To view the original post detailing the requirements for the commentary, click here.

All work should be emailed to

Deadline: 3.25pm, Weds 16th July
The computers in Music are not available after school on Wednesday.

Any questions, please ask.

Mr Guinane

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