Year 10: GCSE Homework

Please answer (in full sentences where applicable) the following question on Handel's And the glory of the Lord.  Your answers should be succinct (i.e. please don't go on and on about irrelevant information!).

Due: Friday 24th October 2014

1) How is the joyful mood or "affection" of this chorus achieved by Handel?
2) Name three different types of musical texture that feature in this chorus.  Give examples.
3) Name the four voice parts that perform this chorus.
4) What instruments accompany the singers?
5) How many different melodies are used by Handel in the chorus - give details please.
6) Identify two ways in which the last three bars of the extracts ('hath spoken it') are given a dramatic setting.
7) Give bar numbers where you can hear:
a) One voice part
b) two voice parts
c) three voice parts
d) All four voice parts together

8) In general, how are the words set to music?
9) How is the word "revealed" treated throughout the piece?

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