Year 12 Homework 23/10


1. Finish the comparison grid of The Lamb and Monteverdi

2. Find, and analyse, a piece of music of your own choice. Some suggestions:

- An old grade piece
- Another piece from the anthology (not an exam work)
- Something in the same style as one of your current set works
- Anything else appropriate

The shorter/simpler the better, really. Think back to Donna Nobis Pacem on the first lesson!
A great source of scores is

You will need to produce:

- An annotated score
- A summary sheet divided into the elements:

Background, instrumentation, melody, structure, texture, harmony/tonality, rhythm

Use your analysis skills from this half term, remember to make basic observations first, aim for clarity and accuracy.

Good luck (I think it sounds fun). Due the first Thursday back.

Any questions email or tweet,

Mr Guinane

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