Arts Award Reviews: Kaja Bruce

As part of the Arts Award, our students have to go and see something, review it, and then share it.  First one to go public is Kaja Bruce.  Please read her review, and if you have any questions or messages for her, please tweet @BeaumontMusic and we will pass them on.

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On the evening of the 16th of May, my family and I went to see Rojas and Rodriguez’ Titanium in the Peacock. The show was a fusion of urban dance and flamenco with live music especially written and researched to fit the different dance styles. The music was a typical flamenco music (the singer was a professional) but it had a hip-hop beat.

The idea of the merging of the two different styles came from The Ballet Nuevo Espanol’s artistic directors, Angel Rojas and Carlos Rodriguez; they felt that these two dance styles have more in common than you might think: both were born on the streets, both show raw attitude and both have had a history of dance battles. Titanium has won a National Dance Award in Spain and high praise in a tour across Europe. My family and I really enjoyed this production, the music and the dancing.

The show started with a dancer moving across the stage tied by ropes, trying to break free from the ropes (or metaphorically the shackles of dance rules). The other dancers tried to assist and whilst releasing the man, found themselves tied up but working as a group and were able to break free and take over the stage with their various styles. I loved the use of props in this part. The rest of the show included duets, trios and group performances, the dancers occasionally mixing with the four musicians. There was some attempt at a story during the show, however the only part that made sense was when there was a dance battle amongst the two different styles of dance. The dancers flexibility, fluidity and muscular ability however, was incredible, and something that I have never seen before. At one point, a dancer had his back to the audience and his movement was intriguing because it looked almost alien. This was the most memorable part of the performance for me.

Although there was no interval in the show, nobody noticed as the audience was fully focussed on the breathtaking dancing. The dance, music, vocals and lighting, all came together perfectly to form a perfect whole that proved that you can successfully merge such different dance styles. The dancers were all so talented and you could see how much work that the show must have had for it to work together. I really enjoyed this production and the merging of different styles.

 Kaja Bruce, 8R

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