Berio Sequenza: Resources

A list (non-exhaustive) to help with your Berio studies:

Author's note
A guide to Luciano Berio's music (The Guardian)
Extracts from two interviews
Narrative and gesture in Berio's sequenza III (a little more complex)

Berio Sequenza for voice
Berio Sequenza for trombone (the best one)
Cathy Berberian - Stripsody

Find, and listen to, the sequenza for your instrument (if Berio wrote one).

Use your library card to access Grove, and read up on Berio and his sequenzas.

You MUST listen in depth to the work, read and listen around it, and store this information. How you do it is up to you, but you will not be able to get away with not doing it, trust me. Be open-minded.

Mr Guinane

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