Year 11: Skye Waulking Song

Your task is to create a presentation/handout about folk music, Capercaillie's Skye Waulking Song, and the instruments which are used in it.  Answer the following questions, and whilst doing so, make your answers look pretty and well presented. Make sure you include pictures.

1) What do you know about folk music? How is it passed down from generation to generation?
2) Capercaillie are an example of a folk fusion band - what does this mean?
3) What is "waulking"?
4) What instruments can you hear in the Skye Waulking Song
5) What are the story and the lyrics about?
6) Give some brief, useful facts about the band Capercaillie.

Make sure you print it off, show me, and then put it in your folder by the end of the lesson.

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