St Peter's Lunchtime Concert: Wednesday 10th February 2016

To those taking part:

Please meet promptly in the Music Department at 10.10am (beginning of lesson 3).

Don't forget the following:

  • Your music and swanky VE folder
  • A packed lunch
  • Full winter uniform for Years 9-11 (please be smart - shine your shoes)
  • Smart all black for 6th form (please be smart, shine your shoes, and girls, please observe a decent skirt length)
  • Your instrument
  • work/book to read during rehearsals as there will be some time when the other group/soloists are rehearsing
We will be travelling to St Peter's at about 10.20am and will warm up together with a view to starting rehearsals as close to 10.45am as possible. 

Senior Strings: section leaders, please ensure that your sections have got music.  Please could one person from each desk take a music stand.

Should be a really lovely concert so please advertise it and invite everyone you know who might be interested.

Quality questions only.

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