Ten Pieces: Reponses

Year 9 Ten Pieces – Creative Response

Now we have researched and played some of the Ten Pieces, I would like you to compose a creative response.

You have 2 options:

1. Remix “The Halls of the Mountain King”. 

Here is the link to the Soundation Login Page

I have created a file containing the main melody. I would like you to add some loops underneath this piece to create a remix.

HINT: If you are adding Bass line or another melody over the top, then try to use ones that say “D” at the beginning of them.

The file is in the CRL > Pupil Area > Music > Year 09

Here you will find the file needed for your remix. You will need to import it from Soundation.

      2. You can compose your own piece based upon the mood of one of the “Ten Pieces”. You can either compose this on the Keyboards or on Soundation. An example: Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto Finale, you might think this is happy and bouncy. You would then compose a piece using similar ideas or loops, which you feel have a similar emotion.

      Mr Ankers

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