Chamber Music Fridays: Autumn Term

Apologies for the delay, but here goes. After Orchestra, we will all return to H Block for Chamber Music Fridays. Let's say I am trying to emulate a mini 'Music School' without the tuck shop.  This will run from 3.30-4/4.15pm.

Wind Ensemble will go in H1, a String Trio in H2 and another in a practice room and a Flute Trio in one of the practice rooms (good piano).  The aim is not only to produce high quality chamber music, but for you to get a sense of what it is like to rehearse in an intimate atmosphere, and interact musically on a smaller scale.  Chamber music is one of the most joyful musical forms and I am excited about getting it going properly at Beaumont.  If you are not on the list below, please approach me with ideas - we can have many more groups going eventually.  The idea is that the type of group changes each term. Music and recordings to follow.

Wind Ensemble:
Katie D
Alex J
Mr G
Katie R

Piano/Flute Trio:
Hannah Crisp

String Trios:

1) Lauren, Olivia, Matika

2) Alex Tarsounas, Matilda Green, Sadie Keaveney, Zak Smith

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