Tuesday Tunes - 28/03/2017

Beaumont Music Department presents Tuesday Tunes; weekly recommendations for all audiences, curated by the Beaumont Music staff.

Recommendations for this week:

Discovering Music - John Adams: City Noir

Composer John Adams turns 70 this year, so expect to hear a lot of his music being performed and discussed. City Noir is a stunning work for orchestra, evoking the murky world of American film noir from the 1950s. The composer characterises the work as 'jazz-inflected symphonic music' (though I prefer 'jazz-infused') - right up my street. Here it discussed and performed on this excellent radio programme from the BBC Radio 3 archives.

- Mr G

Discovering Music - Concerto Grosso and Beyond

This is perfect for Year 10. The Baroque form of the Concerto Grosso is one of the most under-celebrated musical forms, and I spent many happy years playing these as I grew up in my teens. This programme covers Baroque Concerto Grosso and how it influences composers after. Bang on the money for the OCR GCSE: The Concerto through Time. Get involved, Year 10.

- Ms D

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